What happens when we work together?

When we work together you will get a deeper insight, first hand, into what is possible when you have some skilled support on hand.

A clutter professional is more than another pair of hands to move stuff. With expert help you can find the process can be speeded up and streamlined.

Step One

My working relationship with you starts with a consultation session of up to an hour which is free to clients who choose to book a de-cluttering session. The consultation is for you to discover the depth of service I offer. It is also a chance for me to understand the nature of your de-cluttering and organising needs and how I can best help you to achieve your goals.

Step Two

We can then book one or more de-cluttering sessions of any length between 4 hours (a half day) and 8 hours (a full day). There are clear, agreed goals for each session and intervals between sessions vary according to your preference and my availability.

Session start times are flexible to fit as closely as possible with your work and family schedules. The total number of sessions is always open and there is no up-front commitment to a particular number of session, neither is there any advanced payment.

Step Three

We will work together to reduce your unwanted and un-needed items, bagging them according to how they will be recycled, donated or sold. We organise those possessions you choose to keep, making best use of the storage you have and offering options on the future storage solutions which are most appropriate to your needs.

Step Four

As part of my standard service to all clients, I will remove up to a carload of unwanted items at the end of each de-cluttering session so you feel the benefit of extra space immediately.

Specialist, professional and fully certificated shredding of confidential paperwork and disposal of old PCs and laptops is undertaken by our colleagues at the long-established Sheffield firm Russell Richardson and is included as standard.

Step Five

From first meeting until the job is completed, I will be providing you with individualised advice that will help you maintain your clutter-free space. This will include easy to use new habits which will help you leave your clutter days behind you forever.

And just to make sure that everything continues to go well, I will, if you wish, contact you at intervals for the next 12 months to support, encourage and advise you on keeping clutter-free – all as part of the service and at no extra cost to you.

Get in touch

I have helped many people to clear their clutter as you can see from the reviews I have received. To discuss any aspect of decluttering fill in the contact form below.

I would never have done all that work by myself. But with Judy’s unfailing cheerfulness and calm, what felt like an impossible, unmanageable task is becoming manageable”

Review by Mrs R Harper

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