Decluttering service

“Both my wife and myself really struggle to get rid of things to the point where the house had started to become like an episode of OCD hoarders. We were so emotionally attached to our stuff it had got out of control, especially our dining room which had become a junk pile.

We were under pressure too, because we had invited our best friends for christmas dinner. Just out of curiosity I googled decluttering services in Sheffield
and found Room For Improvement.

I rang Judy and we had a really nice conversation; She was very positive, sympathetic and understanding. We booked two sessions; Judy arrived in a medium size car
and we started. She was excellent at motivating us, her energy was infectious and not only did she help us clear the room in those two sessions, we had a huge purge of dvds and books and also managed to clear other parts of the house. She also managed to fill the car and took away an inordinate amount of bags of confidential waste, paper and card and items to be given to charity. Having someone to take the confidential waste was an absolute godsend, I don’t even want to think about how much time it would have taken us to shred it ourselves. Judy also came back for any bags she wasn’t able to fit into the car initially.

Most importantly of all, she planted the seeds of change in our minds, so that now we are a lot better at getting rid of things. The room now looks stunning, and we intend to keep it that way. We have also booked future sessions and will continue to do so until the house is clear.

All in all I would wholeheartedly recommend Judy to anyone who is in a similar situation. You will not regret it.”