Decluttering service

“Judy has been at a difficult time in my life and has taken a far greater weight from my shoulders than I knew I had.
She listens and helped in a way that uniquely suited me. Every scrap of paperwork was gone through, methodically, reorganised, and beautifully filed for me to lay my hands on in an instant. Beyond that, she simply helped me dump bad memories that I had just hidden away, standing by objectively and sympathetically non-judgementally enabling me to “let go”.
I’m very confident that her keen eye and love of the work helps her to enable any client. She had little knowledge of my artistic field but picked it up like a fellow artist within an hour!
Judy works like a whirlwind when you are ready, but does not push or force anything on you. Wonderful! I am very happy that everything recyclable or suitable for others is used well, and anything highly confidential disappears for good. All in all, I cannot recommend highly enough!”