Decluttering service

“I am absolutely delighted with the services of Room for Improvement. As a busy working mum with teenage children, including one with special needs, I just never found the time to get round to those sorting and tidying jobs.

But now we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. Judy has helped me to face the grot, make the most of the storage already in place and identify what new or different storage would help.

Car loads of rubbish, recycled goods and charity donations later, the house feels much better. I would never have done all that work by myself. But with Judy’s unfailing cheerfulness and calm, what felt like an impossible, unmanageable task is becoming manageable.

I am particularly grateful for her sensitivity and understanding towards my son’s extra needs. He is on the autistic spectrum and finds change very difficult. But now he can move around his bedroom without tripping over piles of stuff and can find the books he wants without yelling for mum to help.