Reviews from people who have been decluttered

Room For Improvement have many happy customers. Here are just a few of the reviews previous happy clients have shared about their experience of working with Judy.

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Methodical, sympathetic and non-judgemental

"Judy has been at a difficult time in my life and has taken a far greater weight from my shoulders than I knew I had.
She listens and helped in a way that uniquely suited me. Every scrap of paperwork was gone through, methodically, reorganised, and beautifully filed for me to lay my hands on in an instant. Beyond that, she simply helped me dump bad memories that I had just hidden away, standing by objectively and sympathetically non-judgementally enabling me to "let go".
I'm very confident that her keen eye and love of the work helps her to enable any client. She had little knowledge of my artistic field but picked it up like a fellow artist within an hour!
Judy works like a whirlwind when you are ready, but does not push or force anything on you. Wonderful! I am very happy that everything recyclable or suitable for others is used well, and anything highly confidential disappears for good. All in all, I cannot recommend highly enough!"

Sarah Bird

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Orofessional and organised

"The prospect of clearing our disabled mother's home of 42 years for a major downsize was an extremely daunting one. But Judy made what seemed an impossible task possible. She was professional and organised, caring and patient. Qualities that aided a successful move at a time that was extremely emotional for all the family. A huge thank you to Room for Improvement."

Helen & Pete M

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Extremely efficient

"Judy was extremely efficient and pleasant to work with. We worked together to clear a whole room and it helped me tremendously to start the process of decluttering. It is now enjoyable to continue to tidy up. Thanks to Judy, I gained a valuable lesson! I would recommend it to all people suffering from massive clutter."


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Judy was wonderful

"Judy was wonderful to work with in decluttering my house. Everything was done in a methodical way and each session brought significant progress. To have the bags taken away by Judy on their way to various destinations was such a big help. Judy worked with me in a way that I didn't feel I needed to apologise or explain.
Our sessions together came at a difficult time in my life and Judy was always sensitive and calm. I hadn't felt able to even make a start on my own and it's no exaggeration to say that Judy's help gave me hope! I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to my friends."


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I would wholeheartedly recommend Judy

"Both my wife and myself really struggle to get rid of things to the point where the house had started to become like an episode of OCD hoarders. We were so emotionally attached to our stuff it had got out of control, especially our dining room which had become a junk pile.

We were under pressure too, because we had invited our best friends for christmas dinner. Just out of curiosity I googled decluttering services in Sheffield
and found Room For Improvement.

I rang Judy and we had a really nice conversation; She was very positive, sympathetic and understanding. We booked two sessions; Judy arrived in a medium size car
and we started. She was excellent at motivating us, her energy was infectious and not only did she help us clear the room in those two sessions, we had a huge purge of dvds and books and also managed to clear other parts of the house. She also managed to fill the car and took away an inordinate amount of bags of confidential waste, paper and card and items to be given to charity. Having someone to take the confidential waste was an absolute godsend, I don't even want to think about how much time it would have taken us to shred it ourselves. Judy also came back for any bags she wasn't able to fit into the car initially.

Most importantly of all, she planted the seeds of change in our minds, so that now we are a lot better at getting rid of things. The room now looks stunning, and we intend to keep it that way. We have also booked future sessions and will continue to do so until the house is clear.

All in all I would wholeheartedly recommend Judy to anyone who is in a similar situation. You will not regret it."

Anthony And Sue Thursfield

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"I am absolutely delighted with the services of Room for Improvement. As a busy working mum with teenage children, including one with special needs, I just never found the time to get round to those sorting and tidying jobs.

But now we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. Judy has helped me to face the grot, make the most of the storage already in place and identify what new or different storage would help.

Car loads of rubbish, recycled goods and charity donations later, the house feels much better. I would never have done all that work by myself. But with Judy's unfailing cheerfulness and calm, what felt like an impossible, unmanageable task is becoming manageable.

I am particularly grateful for her sensitivity and understanding towards my son's extra needs. He is on the autistic spectrum and finds change very difficult. But now he can move around his bedroom without tripping over piles of stuff and can find the books he wants without yelling for mum to help.


Mrs R Harper

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No pressure

"With a move looming and having worked from home, I contacted Room for Improvement for help.

It was great having someone who knew what could and should not be thrown away which very much speeded up the process. Moving onto the more personal, a precious box was suggested which smoothed the way to getting rid of a lot of unnecessary memorabilia.

The process was conducted with no pressure, and patient discussion, which allowed me to make decisions rapidly.

I have no hesitation in recommending Room for Improvement to my friends, some of whom are in desperate need of decluttering."

Dr J Moore

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"Judy was a gem to work with, there was no messing we got on and worked through sorting papers in a methodical easy and logical way which was exactly what I needed but kept the work easy for managing plus a system replicated to work for my online filing too.

I had a structure that worked and suited my unique personality.

Wonderful work, Judy, thank you."


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