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My name is Judy Hennessy and I set up Room for Improvement, in 2001. In still being in this industry, over thirteen years later, makes me one of the most experienced professional declutterers in the UK. I deliver a de-cluttering and organising service to clients across Yorkshire, Derbyshire and parts of the North West. I frequently see clients in cities such as Sheffield, York and Nottingham.

My experience of de-cluttering and organising is extensive and has been gained through work in homes, home offices, small businesses and large institutions over many years. As my experience and knowledge has grown, my love of what I do has remained as high as ever it was.

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With Judy’s unfailing cheerfulness and calm, what felt like an impossible, unmanageable task is becoming manageable

Review by Mrs R Harper

Knowledgeable, registered & experienced

Throughout my years as a de-clutterer and organiser, I have gained a great deal from being a member of the key professional association in the industry: the international National Association of Professional Organisers (NAPO).

As a member of NAPO since 2002, I have attended conferences with fellow declutterers in Atlanta, Chicago and Boston – exciting and hugely informative events which draw on a wealth of experience from many countries.

I am now finding that my experience and knowledge is becoming even more valuable to those I work with. I am committed to working in a very compassionate and understanding way and I pay particular attention to the psychology of change. I have become skilled at helping people bring about powerful change – both changes to their environment and how best to control, organise and enjoy their belongings.

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I have helped many people to clear their clutter as you can see from the reviews I have received. To discuss any aspect of decluttering fill in the contact form below.

“Every scrap of paperwork was gone through, methodically, reorganised, and beautifully filed for me to lay my hands on in an instant”


Review by Sarah Bird

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