Room For Improvement can help you deal with your clutter and reclaim your space

a clutter call in on bbc radio sheffield has featured Room For ImprovementAre you ready to declutter? People like you often lead busy lives and have many calls on your time and energy. When you don’t know where to start, I offer support, guidance and efficient hands-on help.

I have helped people from all over Northern England to declutter their homes and businesses. Some of the areas I work in most frequently are Manchester, Bradford and Leeds.

If your home is too crowded for your comfort and you can’t easily find the things you need then you could certainly benefit from decluttering. I am highly experienced in helping you to make changes such as when you are:

  • moving house
  • creating a home office out of the spare room
  • changing a child’s room to one suitable for your teenager
  • dealing with a separation or bereavement

What to do with your decluttered items

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Most people when they are decluttering want their unwanted items to be passed on to charity shops or to be recycled. I am committed to recycling and minimising waste and will work with you to achieve that.

You might want a paperwork and filing service. This is also available though my business. I work with homeowners and businesses and can recycle all non-confidential waste. A confidential shredding option is available too – in accordance with all eight principles of the 1998 Data Protection Act.

From years of experience in this field I know that less clutter gives you so much more than fewer unneeded items. For you less clutter could mean:

  • more space
  • a sense of liberation
  • a home and lifestyle to enjoy
  • efficient management of household and business paperwork

A hands-on decluttering service from me will result in a clutter-free space for you to enjoy. You will also get the advice and support which will help to keep it that way into the future.

You will get a service that is efficient, effective and non-judgemental –  My aim is to give you a living and working environment that you can enjoy.

You can read reviews from satisfied previous clients here on my reviews page or have a look at my clutter reviews on Freeindex.

Get in touch

I have helped many people to clear their clutter as you can see from the reviews I have received. To discuss any aspect of decluttering fill in the contact form below.

We worked together to clear a whole room and it helped me tremendously to start the process of decluttering”

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